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Friday, 30 November 2007 19:00

Dr. Sharon Began and Nicole L. Jones, Biology graduate student, have published ”Juvenile gametophyte development in the Blasiales (Marchantiophyta; Metzeriidae). 2. Gemma/gemmaling ontogeny in Cavicularia densa” in The Bryologist, 110(3): 453-464. 

Dr. Sharon Began and B.J. Crandall-Stotler published the introductory chapter on mosses entitled “Morphology of mosses (Phylum Bryophyta)” in Flora of North America North of Mexico, Flora of North America Editorial Committee, eds. Vol. 27, New York and Oxford, pp. 3-13.

Dr. Greg Turner  presented a paper titled: Ectomycorrhizal abundance and community structure from scrub pine hosts grown in contrasting soils at the Ecological Society of America 92nd Annual Meeting in San Jose, CA.; published the following paper: Lewis, J.D., LiCitra, J., Tuininga, A.R., Sirulnik, A., Turner, G.D., and J. Johnson. Oak seedling growth and ectomycorrhizal colonization in adjacent oak stands and declining eastern hemlock stands infested with the hemlock woolly adelgid. Tree Physiology 27(12): xx-xx.; was awarded a grant from the Center for Invasive Plant Management at Montana State University for $4,435 to study: "The influence of garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) on ectomycorrhizal fungi from hickory (Carya) and oak (Quercus) seedlings."; presented an invited seminar: “Global Environmental Issues and Environmental Education” to an Environmental Education group from WCU.; was invited to review a research article for Forest Ecology and Management and he gave a research talk May 25th 2007 at the 85th Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science at James Madison University titled: Ectomycorrhizal fungi from two soils at the Grassy Hill Natural Area, Franklin County, Virginia.

Dr. Oné Pagan published, “Molecular properties of local anesthetics as predictors of affinity for nicotinic acetylcholine receptors,” with K. Sivaprakasam and R.E. Oswald in J Neurosci Res., June 28, 2007; (Epub ahead of print); won a 2007 SOMAS (Support of Mentors and Their Students) award from the National Science Foundation and Davidson College (www.somasprogram.org); was awarded a Faculty Development Grant from the Office of Sponsored Research, West Chester University; was nominated for a Lindback Foundation Grant, “Structure function correlations of parthenolide-like compounds for alleviation of cocaine effects on planarian worms", by the Office of the Provost, West Chester University; was invited to review and evaluate a scientific paper for the scientific journal “Expert Opinion in Investigational Drugs”; was invited to present a seminar at the department of Biochemistry, Universidad Central de Caribe Medical School, Bayamón, Puerto Rico, December, 2006: “On the search for compounds against cocaine effects in biological systems.  Planaria as a model organism“; was named Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry, Universidad Central de Caribe Medical School, Bayamón, Puerto Rico, January, 2007.

Dr. Oné Pagan presented a poster at the ASPET (American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics) meeting held at Washington, DC, April, 2007: “Parthenolide alleviation of cocaine-induced motility decrease in planaria”,  with student coauthors  Kimberly R. Urban and Amanda L. Rowlands.

Dr. Oné Pagan published the paper “Toxicity and behavioral effects of dimethylsulfoxide in planaria” with Biology students, Amanda Rowlands and Kimberly Urban, in Neuroscience Letters. 407(3):274-8 (2006). 

Dr. Frank Fish, Dr. John T. Beneski, and Darlene Ketten of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, published the paper entitled “Examination of the three-dimensional geometry of cetacean flukes using computed tomography scans: Hydrodynamic implications” in The Anatomical Record, 2007, 290: 614-623. 

Dr. Frank Fish, biology, Dr. Anthony Nicastro, physics, Dr. John Beneski, biology, and Sandra Bostic, biology undergraduate, published the paper "Death roll of the alligator: mechanics of twist feeding in water" in the Journal of Experimental Biology (2007, 210: 2811-2818).

Dr. Fish and Tricia Kojeszewski, biology graduate student, published the article "Swimming kinematics of the Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris): hydrodynamic analysis of an undulatory mammalian swimmer" in the Journal of Experimental Biology (2007, 210: 2411-2418). 

Dr. Frank Fish was awarded an NSF grant in the amount of $270,000 for his proposal entitled, “Comparative experimental hydrodynamics of cetacean flippers: Ecomorphology of an aquatic control surface.”; presented an invited seminar, “Emulation of flow control by whales and dolphins for biomimetic application,” to the Biology Department of Vassar College and he presented an invited seminar, “Hydrodynamic flow control in marine mammals and biomimetic application for enhanced performance,” to the Oceanography Department of Florida State University; was interviewed by the Institute of Physics (IOP). They publish the journal Bioinspiration and Biomimetics. The interview is available online and can by accessed using the following link: http://www.iop.org/EJ/journal/-page=featauth/-author=517/1748-3190/1.

Drs. Frank Fish and John Beneski, published the article “Passive cambering and flexible propulsors: cetacean flukes,” Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, 2006, 1: S42-S48.  The article was co-authored with Moira Nusbaum, Biology undergraduate student, and Dr. Darlene Ketton.

As a direct result of recent work on the community ecology of the Gordon Natural Area, Drs. Greg Turner and Gerry Hertel presented a paper to the USDA Forum on Invasive Species and had another paper published in the PA Academy of Science: 2007 Hertel, G.D. and G.D. Turner. Invasive plants in the Gordon Natural Area. USDA Interagency Research Forum on Invasive Species 18th Annual Meeting, Annapolis, MD; 2007 Turner, G., Van Meter, R, and G.D. Hertel. Species composition and structure of the Gordon Natural Area, an urban forest in southeast Pennsylvania. Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science 81(2).

Dr. Frank Fish presented “Death roll of the alligator:  mechanics of a new twist on an old spin” with co-authors Sandra Bostic, Biology undergraduate; Dr. Anthony Nicastro, Physics; Dr. John Beneski, Biology; at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, which was held January 3-7.

Dr. Frank Fish and Dr. Anthony Nicastro (physics) published the article "Mechanics of remora removal by dolphin spinning" in Marine Mammal Science (2007, 23: 707-714). The article was co-authored with Dr. Daniel Weihs of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.; published and invited book chapter, "Strouhal number and optimization of swimming by odontocete cetaceans" in the SSC San Diego Biennial Review (2006) pp. 175-178. The chapter was co-authored with Dr. James Rohr of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego; published a book review "Marine Mammals: Evolutionary Biology" in the journal Animal Biology (2007, 57: 115-116); was elected as the Program Officer for the Division of Comparative Biomechanics of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology; presented an invited seminar “Enhanced swimming performance by flow control in marine mammals,” at the Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series at Stanford University on November 7; published the book chapter “Diversity, mechanics and performance of natural aquatic propulsors,” Flow Phenomena in Nature: A Challenge to Engineering Design, Vol. 1, Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton, UK.

Professor Pagan gave two invited seminars:  “The forgotten worm: Planaria in neuroscience research” to the Darlington Biological Society of West Chester University on September 19; and “On the search for compounds against cocaine effects in biological systems: Planaria as a model organism” to the Women in Science Association of West Chester University on December 7.


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