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FarrellI graduated from West Chester University in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology (Cell and Molecular Biology) and a Chemistry minor. During the fall of my senior year, I volunteered with in the laboratories of Drs. Phares and Gestl. In the spring I completed independent research with Dr. Phares. Our project focused on isolating a particular genetic sequence, conopressin (mammalian homologs oxytocin/vasopressin), in a species of gastropods, Helisoma trivolvis. I performed genetic amplification and sequencing in order to isolate the gene. I gained extensive, valuable experience working in the lab, and I enjoyed my experience so much that I accepted my first job as a Research Specialist at the Medical University of South Carolina performing breast and oral cancer research. I am now a technician in the pediatric ED at the same hospital, and am entering Physician Assistant school this fall.  West Chester University provided a great foundation for my chosen path in medicine.