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KomarI graduated from WCU in December 2003 with a BSED in Biology.  I began teaching at Downingtown East High School (DEHS) during the 2004-2005 school year and will be starting my 13th year this August.  Along the way, I earned a Master’s degree in Education from Cabrini in 2010 and also obtained a K-12 principal certification during the same year.  In addition to teaching Honors Biology I and Anatomy & Physiology at DEHS, I also run a part-time tutoring business that prepares students for the ACT and SAT in order to enhance their chances of gaining admission to a desired college/university.  I am so grateful for the time I spent at WCU as well as the knowledge and commitment of my professors and mentors, especially Drs. Mbuy and Began.  Dr. Mbuy was my most fascinating and challenging professor, and I remember his Microbiology and Virology lectures as if they happened yesterday. “Gus” showed me how to be an expert scientist, teacher/prof, and friend all at the same time.  I must say that education has become a bigger passion than I ever expected and if it wasn’t for Dr. Began I may have never entered such a wonderful career.  Due to my experience at WCU and the great mentors I encountered during my tenure at Downingtown, I have become a quality educator, and was lucky enough to be honored as the Teacher of the Year at DEHS in 2015.